I messaged Zo and told her we would be in Broome and she immediately wanted to catch up and sneak in a post-wedding photoshoot in their beautiful home town! Too say I was stoked is an understatement! There is an indescribable happiness I feel when I get too capture people in their home towns! 

They picked us up from our caravan park and took us too some incredible spots on the coast of broome, the rugged rock formations and the red dirt bleeding into the sand was unbelievable! We had way too much choice to play with and the weather was phenomonal! 

I can barely even describe the first spot we went too, it was like being on another planet or walking through a perfectly crafted painting.. There are actually footprints from dinosaurs (from 130 million years ago) and plant fossils, that have preserved in the Broome sandstone here - at very low tide, the dinosaur footprints can be seen about 30 metres out to sea.

We changed location, moved to mars and set up a cute picnic blanket and ate copious amounts of cheese (tangy + buttery😉), beer and crackers while we waited for the sun to do it’s thang! 

After eating our weight in cheese we climbed through the rugged rocks too get some sunset shots on the coastline and of course these babes got in the water (as slippery, cold and scary as it was 😆) cracked a few beachy dance moves and went back for more cheese.

So stoked to have these two beautiful souls in our life! Can’t wait for our next catch ups!