Eloping with Folktales

We are here to help you craft an experience of a lifetime. We encourage you to use this incredible opportunity of love that you have and make the absolute most out of your elopement experience.

We film and take photos intentionally and honestly to capture who you are as a person, as a couple, with a little dash of magic. None of the cheese. All of the connection. We want you to look back on your memories and relive every moment all over again.

We are destination elopement and adventurous wedding photographers and videographers in Western Australia. We travel worldwide to capture your intimate, adventurous and unforgettable elopement.

We are with you every step of the way. From planning and finding the most epic locations to creating the perfect timeline whilst being your best friends.

We work with some of the absolute best celebrants in the industry to make your elopement process as smooth as possible. Our local to perth packages include a celebrant and all paperwork so you can sit back, relax and let us do the hard work for you.

We are super passionate about creating the most incredible experience for you and your partner.




Hi, we are Ash & Alex.

Your story capturers / adventure enthusiasts




Do you provide a celebrant?

YES and we use the BEST OF THE BEST! Our elopement packages in the perth area and max 4 hours drive from perth include a celebrant.

i'm not sure where i want to get married, but i know i want it to be adventurous. can you help me find a location?

That is a big YES. Alex and I have spent hours travelling all over the place scouting locations, finding hidden little gems, obsessively researching google and looking for the most beautifully exciting places. We can plan an epic all out adventure including helicopter flights through to an intimate close to home elopement at your favourite spot.

we want you to get on a plane and make this epic....

Hell friggen YEAH! We are ALWAYS down for travelling to a destination that is cool as chips to capture your elopement. We require flights and accomodation in the location as well as car hire. It will cost a little more, but not tooo much more, because ANY excuse to travel in our eyes! We are even happy to share your Air BnB or book the same hotel to save costs! Plus, we can have a few cheeky beverages and totally get excited for your elopement together. If time permits we even chuck in an extra photoshoot to thank you for putting us on the plane 😉

What is eloping?

Eloping is an alternative way for you too commit to your partner in a thrilling, intimate and unique setting.

Each elopement is different and can vary from literally just you and your partner (with an officiant), to a small intimate elopement with up to 10 family and friends - any more than this is not an elopement. I'll go into a little more depth into the different types of elopements below.

Just you and your partner: Every marriage requires two witnesses to sign your marriage documents and make everything legal. But don't panic! That person just needs to be over 18, Alex and I can witness your certificate so you really don't need to have anyone there. It would just be you, your partner, your celebrant, Alex & I and we sure know how to keep an elopement secret!

You, your partner & a few guests: Eloping doesn't necessarily mean completely surprising everyone, you can invite a few of your nearest and dearest, include your children or even just have your parents there to celebrate your elopement (no more than a few guests otherwise it becomes an intimate ceremony - not an elopement).

where can we elope?

Anywhere. On top of a snowy mountain, a music festival, a national park, your family farm, in another country, somewhere extremely random like that waterfall you went too on a hike one day, or the park you met your soul mate at. You can elope anywhere in the world - if you are an Australian citizen, you must abide by some legal laws in Australia that state you need to lodge an intent to marry a minimum of 30 days prior to your marriage, so basically, you can jet off anywhere to elope, say your personal vows, get some wicked ass photography and film of your epic elopement but you need to do all the legal stuff in your home country to make it all official and stuff. Check the laws in your country if you are unsure! Don't let the legalities of it all stress you! We have a handful of amazing celebrants that take care of all that side for you when you book with us, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the planning of your elopement!

what days are best to elope?

For our elopement package we recommend weekdays, so Monday – Thursday. Some locations we recommend usually have less people during the week, as opposed to weekends which usually have tourists and visitors, especially in the warmer months! Planning a weekday elopement is best for more privacy and to make the most of the scenery! This of course is only a suggestion, you can get married whenever you like!

so we want to book, what now?

YAY HOW EXCITING. If you are ready to pull the trigger and start planning your elopement with us hit the below button! We require a retainer too lock us in for a date and then IT IS ON FROM THERE!

We are here to guide you through the whole process, be your unofficial bridal party, send us your dress options, cake options, flowers! We are here to make your elopement everything you could possibly dream of, after that, we rock up to your elopement, take some wicked images and video, then we go off on your photoshoot capturing you and your partner in all your married glory. We also bring our drone mavis along. We can't wait to be a part of your elopement journey!

A taste of an elopement film with Folktales