11th May 2019. Holy shitballs. This day was golden, beautiful, epic and every crazy ass word under the sun for MAGICAL.

I was so friggen excited when Rach booked us back in march last year because I just new these two would put on an epic wedding and that is exactly what they did. I can’t even deal with how much I love these two together!!!

They got married in a cute secluded area of bushland and had their reception at a family friends property. All situated in the always amazing Margaret river/ Augusta area. We absolutely LOVE shooting down south.

Rach & Jayden opted out of having a bridal party but had a few of their faves join our photoshoot and it made it so much fun, who needs matching dresses and suits anyway 🤷🏼‍♀️ Jayden wore a baller velvet suit jacket that I absolutely LOVED.

What a trip out when I realised Jackie (the celebrant) was actually my primary school principal! Well that was a bit of a throwback to around 18 years ago 😂

We rode around in Brian the van listening to believe by Cher and a few backstreet boys’ songs, wine in hand and literally just having a rad time, what a dream team of people.

We laughed so hard all day my cheeks actually hurt and at some points I could barely take a photo… the group of people Rach and Jayden chose to have around them really reflected on them and it was just so UGHHHHHHHHHH ❤️

We made our way back to the reception where they had Mr. Paella serving up the goods and Emmet delivering some banging tunes.

My favourite things about days like this are the lead up, being so super excited to capture two people that you know and their love, the actual day (derrrr!!!) but then editing all of their snaps and getting to relive their day through our cameras is just awesome.

                                                                                              Love ya guts Rach & Jay! ❤️

                                                                                                              🦊 Ash x


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