Emma + Matt // National Park // Train Tunnel

Ok this shoot was just awesome. Em wore an epic red dress.

Alex and I went and scoped out this old train tunnel a couple of days before the shoot, we trekked about a kilometre and were met with this gorgeous black stoned wall, the weather was rainy AF but it was only drizzling at that stage so we went into the tunnel (scared in our pants, lets be honest, the train tunnel was dark and you couldn’t see a metre in front of you) I called out a few times to let any potential ghosts/demons know that we were of no harm and we would leave if they asked us too…… no response so we trekked a little further and picked a spot for our little backlit shot!

Then we left the tunnel and started walking back to the car, at this point it was raining, hard, and so we were running, muddy shoes, soaked jeans and wet hair… but it was worth it

We have lived in Perth for a while and have taken photos all over the place but somehow this little beauty seemed to slip passed us. What a shoot we had with these two gorgeous love birds.

I can’t wait to capture their tying of the knot in November, on a Monday, it is going to be one epic Monday.

XO Ash

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